ZOLA Electric products carry a full warranty of five years with conditions. Unless stated otherwise, the warranty covers production defects as established by ZOLA. The warranty applies to products installed and commissioned by ZOLA trained and certified installers in ZOLA approved countries only. 
ZOLA undertakes at its option and cost to repair or replace (new or refurbished) the part of the system which carries the defects at any time within five (5) years from the date of installation at the end-user’s location within twelve (12) months from the date of delivery. This warranty is only applicable if the ZOLA system is installed and commissioned by a ZOLA certified technician. A twelve months shelf life warranty for DISTRIBUTOR warehousing stock is available and its guidelines can be found on ZOLA Electric website. This warranty is subject to the DISTRIBUTOR taking responsibility for maintaining and managing the battery.
All ZOLA products purchased shall be registered within 30 days on the ZOLA warranty portal. Registration of the product(s) qualifies the DISTRIBUTOR for the warranty and after sales support services from our technical supports and service centre services. Products not registered WILL NOT be considered for warranties and after sales support services, Product registration is the responsibility of the DISTRIBUTOR.
The system can be transferred to a new owner under the “change of ownership scheme”.   Any subsequent owner of the ZOLA System who provides proof of ownership shall also be entitled to make a warranty claim in accordance with this clause and provided; 
    • The ZOLA System has been removed and reinstalled by ZOLA certified/authorized dealer technicians. 
    • The subsequent owner shall fill out a transfer of ownership form on our website through the ZOLA DISTRIBUTOR partner, informing ZOLA of the transfer. Where transfer is done without ZOLA’s knowledge or approval, such a system/customer automatically becomes ineligible for warranty.
    • The change of ownership form shall be sent within 5 days prior to  decommissioning of the system. The new owner’s name, phone number, email address, home address with coordinates, date and signature must be well written out on the form. Omission of any of the requested information may result in delayed response. Authorization feedback will be within 24 hours of receiving the form. The warranty/product transfer form is available on our warranty portal.
ZOLA shall not be liable for a breach of the warranty  if:
  • The defect arises from an accident, flood, fire, riots, lightning, power surge or a force majeure event.
  • The defect otherwise arises as a result of improper transportation, storage, wiring, installation or improper use of the ZOLA System or use outside its normal application;
  • The battery is not used for more than 12 months or is exposed to extreme heat or cold;
  • A serial number or any part thereof altered, defaced or removed.
  • Faults traced to overloading due to additional appliances not captured on the customer acceptance test (CAT) sign-off  voids the warranty
  • An End-User alters, repairs or otherwise accesses in a manner not permitted by the Standard Terms (or the Product Documentation) of the ZOLA System without the written consent of ZOLA.
This warranty does not cover:
    • Normal wear and tear or deterioration, or superficial defects, dents or marks that do not impact the performance of the ZOLA System;
    • Noise or vibration that is not excessive or uncharacteristic and does not impact the  ZOLA System’s performance;
    • Damage or deterioration that occurs after the expiration of the Warranty Period;The cost of removal, transport to the Delivery Point and refitting at the End-User location;
    • Claims that extend beyond the rights cited within the warranty conditions, particularly claims for compensation for direct or indirect damages arising Germany is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this warranty.
ZOLA provides extended warranty beyond the limited 5 years warranty. DISTRIBUTOR can request an extended warranty up to 20 years. Extended warranty provide great benefits for extended superior service agreement covering parts and technical support services over a contractual period of time. Extended warranty is subject to discussion with ZOLA and priced as demanded. Extended warranty covers the following components and services:
Backup Battery: LiFePo4 Proprietary Inverter Solar-PV Modules Other vital system ancillary components Extended Superior Service Support
In the event of any claim by DISTRIBUTOR under the warranty agreement. DISTRIBUTOR shall notify ZOLA of the alleged defect immediately and must occur within a 30 day period from the date the claim is identified by the DISTRIBUTOR. The DISTRIBUTOR shall fill a warranty service claims request form on the warranty portal and send for prompt review and resolution. All warranty requests are reviewed  by ZOLA for authentication of  claims. Where after inspection the system is proven to have voided warranty conditions. The DISTRIBUTOR shall be responsible for cost of repairs or service parts replacement as the case may be. Where inspection by ZOLA proves that the warranty claim is genuine. ZOLA shall repair or replace the affected parts as deemed fit with zero service charge to the DISTRIBUTOR.  The DISTRIBUTOR shall be responsible for forward and reverse logistics at all times (including custom charges and other taxes), whether claims are judged as under  or outside the warranty. The DISTRIBUTOR shall also be responsible for all associated  goods in transit risks for shipped systems. All shipped systems must be enclosed securely in the original packaging and all other packaging materials  as deployed.
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) The DISTRIBUTOR shall visit our website to fill appropriately the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form on advice by ZOLA technical representative. The form shall only be sent electronically when an auto generated RMA reference identity number is issued. Where the online RMA process fails. The DISTRIBUTOR shall call the ZOLA customer service centre to request for an RMA form (RMA Form Link)  and the RMA reference identity. The DISTRIBUTOR is expected to fill the RMA form appropriately before sending with the faulty system.   Faulty systems  shall only be shipped after due consultation and approval to proceed is given by the ZOLA technical team. The ZOLA technical team shall advise on closest ZOLA approved/authorized service centre (ASC) to the DISTRIBUTOR where the system may be shipped for technical faults resolution. The warranty requires “carry-in” service at the service centre. Faulty systems must be shipped within 48 hours of RMA reference identity/approval to convey the system to the ASC. The duration of 48hours is also applicable for reverse logistics by the DISTRIBUTOR post service task implementation. 
All repaired or replacement parts of the ZOLA System shall be under warranty for the unexpired portion of the relevant Warranty Period. All components or parts replaced during warranty period are not returnable.  DISTRIBUTOR shall bear all the risk, and all logistics costs and expenses, associated with ZOLA Systems that have been returned to ZOLA for which there is no defect found. For a warranty service claim to be processed, it must include 
  • proof of original purchase of the ZOLA System, 
  • a description of the alleged defect(s)
  • the ZOLA System serial number, and
  • Product installation date 
DISTRIBUTOR shall return ZOLA Systems covered by this warranty, taxes and  freight prepaid to the Delivery Point or any other location determined by ZOLA  after completing a failure report and obtaining a return material authorization (RMA) number from ZOLA.