The purpose of this information is to educate all stakeholders on the guidelines for forward and reverse logistics. 

In the case where the escalated equipment fault(s) could not be resolved locally. And the equipment is confirmed to be requiring L3 support. The distributor will be  responsible for decommissioning the faulty equipment and may provide a stop gap equipment for the customer’s use. The distributor shall be advised to initiate forward logistics for the equipment to the ZOLA service center. The customer/distributor shall be for all logistics cost and associated risks. Faulty equipment is to be transported/conveyed in the original carton or a well lagged box safe and suitable for such logistics tasks.  

Step 1: Distributor –  will initiate a forward logistics

Step 2: Customer Service – will receive the system and record the system details

Step 3: Zola Approved Service Center(ASC) –  Receives system, open a work order form and initiate diagnosis task and  inspect system for warranty claims validation 

Step 4: Initiate the warranty service claims process to close

Forward and Reverse Logistics Process Flow